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Can “Assured Job Courses” be an alternative to “Job for Freshers”? well, if you are looking for a short and crisp answer – “Searching for a job as a fresher is an unpredictable and long road, while job training and placement programs are a safer bet”. Many of you would surely agree to this.

Imagine that you just graduated or are about to in a couple of months. You have your own dreams to get a dream job, working for your passion, and living a fulfilled life. You work hard for this. Apply for the best jobs in the industry. You are the ideal candidate on the paper, but unfortunately not to the recruiters. Do you know why? Because the skills that you possess and the skills employers are looking for are different just like chalk and cheese.

This is not fictional, but the reality for many fresh graduates. The skills that the education system inculcates in us are not sufficient for the skills needed in the industry. That’s where the training and placement companies in India come into the picture.

Courses That Make You Job Ready

Companies offering training and placement provide courses that make the graduates industry-ready. These offer industry-validated programs with capstone projects to give you hands-on experience in a bunch of skills like teamwork, technical skills, critical and analytical thinking, public speaking, and so on. It gives the students an opportunity to work in a real-time industry-like environment and to develop the skills that are actually used in the industries. Additionally, assured placement before the end of the course is the cherry on top.

The job placement guarantee is 100%. Companies providing job training with placement are partnered with numerous corporate organizations. These organizations hire talented and dedicated candidates through the job interviews conducted by the placement team by the end of the course. Some companies even offer students to pay after placement (PAP).

This means you don’t have to pay a single rupee for the course if you don’t get placed after completing it. If we look at the statistics, these companies have a track record of helping you bag a suitable job in your field and also providing quality training on the job. This ensures that you are investing your time and money in the right place. Since for better career management, you have to be selective about the time you spend. The ample job opportunities in other fields might tempt you for a while and set you sailing in the wrong direction. But you have to be focused and have some patience to have a flourishing career in your field.

Going In The Right Direction

Getting your dream job without proper job placement training is a tough road. When it comes to chasing dreams, you have to take practicality into account. Even getting into the industry takes professional guidance and a bit of luck too. You have to always be prepared and be at the right place at the right time.

Job hunting is not a cakewalk, especially for freshers. On scrutinizing a little, assured job courses do sound like an alternative for jobs for freshers, most likely a better one. To give your career a whopping start and to sharpen your skills, make a wise choice with job placement training programs.

Written By ajays

January 16, 2022

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