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MBA after B.Tech

When we talk about an MBA degree, it enhances your portfolio, upgrades your skillset, and opens the door to massive job opportunities. And there is no doubt about it. Given the perks and practical advantages of an MBA, over 75% of MBA aspirants are engineers.

India is known worldwide for its mass production of engineers every year. Almost 15 lakh engineers graduate every year, out of which only 2.5 lakhs get a decent job in the technical domain, while others either opt for higher studies, settle for a low-paying job, or end up becoming just another unemployed engineer graduate in India.

There is no quick-fix solution to this problem but a practical one, get an MBA. Why? Let’s find out.

5 Practical Reasons to opt for MBA after B.Tech in 2021

Get hands-on experience: Engineering graduates are mostly trained in a classroom environment. Meanwhile, the MBA curriculum allows the students to get real-time experience in companies as demanded by today’s dynamic job environment. Since a recruiter also looks at the management skills of the candidate, having an MBA degree is a plus. In a nutshell, MBA makes the candidate job-ready.

Grab a high-end salary package: Having a combo of both B.Tech and MBA degrees in your resume gives you an edge while applying for jobs. The basic salary for an MBA graduate is far greater than the salary of fresh engineering graduates. Even if you are applying for an engineering role you will get a high package considering the extra skill set you possess.

Fill the skill gap: The difference between vacancies and actual hiring is much higher than we assume. It’s mainly because of the lack of skills in fresh engineering graduates. An MBA degree helps engineers enhance their skill set and also teaches them some extra skills required to get the job done, thus increasing the quality and quantity of job opportunities by filling the skill gap.

Get the managerial role: If you look at the job hierarchy in any industry, you will find the top roles are mostly management roles. To work at such high posts at the very start of your professional journey, you have to master business management skills first. MBA equips you with all the necessary management skills. As a side benefit, having managerial expertise helps you climb the success ladder real fast.

Develop your personality: Confidence is a game-changer for job seekers. Even a good engineer with impressive tech skills won’t succeed in landing a decent tech job without a handful of soft skills. While MBA graduates are known for their fine soft skills and confident personalities. Since, in MBA, you not only work on your management skill, but also your soft skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership, teamwork, etc.

Bonus Point

Become an entrepreneur: If you ever dreamt of starting your own business, then an MBA degree can turn your dream into reality. With an MBA from a reputable organization, you can create successful marketing strategies and turn your incredible idea into a profitable business venture.

MBA makes a great option after engineering, whether you are looking for a high-paying engineering job or a career change.

Written By ajays

January 16, 2022

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