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Certification in Digital Marketing Professional


This course provides an overview of digital marketing and covers five major areas: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Business Listings. Digital marketing is an online marketing strategy that delivers remarkable results at a lower cost compared to traditional marketing methods.

The course introduces GoDaddy Studio, a content creation tool that allows users to create professional and branded content for social media posts, digital ads, promotions, and more, without requiring design skills.

It explains SEO, which involves optimizing websites to achieve higher search engine rankings. The course offers SEO tools within the Digital Marketing Suite, making it accessible to all users, regardless of their website knowledge.

Paid Search is also discussed, explaining the concept of paid ads displayed alongside organic search results. The course highlights the importance of understanding effective keywords and the competitive landscape for successful Paid Search campaigns.

Email marketing is covered, emphasizing best practices and legal considerations. The course guides users through building mailing lists, creating emails, and analyzing results, ensuring compliance with email marketing regulations.

Social Media Marketing is explained as the process of marketing a business through social media platforms. The course highlights the time-consuming nature of managing multiple platforms and offers a solution through the Digital Marketing Suite’s centralized dashboard, which allows users to manage profiles, address customer comments and reviews, and control SEO efforts from one location.

Lastly, the course explores Business Listings, often overlooked but important for local businesses. It explains how outdated and inaccurate information can negatively impact businesses and introduces the Digital Marketing Suite’s feature that helps users control and update their business information across multiple sites, ensuring accurate and up-to-date listings.

Overall, this course provides an understanding of the different components of digital marketing and demonstrates how the Digital Marketing Suite can streamline and optimize marketing efforts for businesses of all sizes.

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Module 1 . Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

 • Create a Marketing Brief
• Create a Website Without Coding
• Understand the Mechanism of How
Google Works
• Find Keywords to Rank Your Business
on Google
• Search Engine Optimisation: Learn and
Use On-Page & Off-Page Optimisation
to Rank Your Pages and Website on

Module 2. Marketing on Various Social Media Platforms

• Create Videos for Your Brand
• Create and Edit Marketing Assets
• Learn to Use Social Media Channels
• Create and Manage Your Business on
• Start Selling on Facebook and
Instagram Via Paid Marketing
• Optimize Paid Marketing Campaigns on
Facebook and Instagram
• Develop Strategies for Effectively
Building and Managing your Instagram
• Promote Your Brand on Top Social
Media Channels Like YouTube, Twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and

Module 3. Paid Marketing in the Google Ecosystem

•Learn to Run Google Ads and How to
Use it to Grow Your Business
• Set-Up and Manage a Google Campaign
• Apply Strategies to Optimize Your Google
• Use Google display ads, Programmatic
and DV360

Module 4. Use eCommerce Channel Effectively

•Identify Growth Opportunities using eCommerce
• Create and Manage Paid Marketing
•Use Bidding and Budgeting Strategies
for Amazon
Use Tools to Simplify eCommerce
Reporting, Taxation, and Filing • Ensure Regulatory Compliance for

Course features:

Duration : 20 weeks

Total Modules: 5 Lessons

Quizzes : 2 Quizzes

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